Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's not a choice "à la carte", it's a formula!

Today is International Women's Day and everybody is discussing women's right. Everybody is saying that women deserve the same rights as men, that it's unfair to make differences between them because in the end we all are humans and this is completely understandable.

But if you think about it, you will notice that something is wrong. This idea of giving men and women the same rights is completely impossible since the majority of women doesn't deserve it! Why don't we accept to pay the bill when we are on a date? Why don't we spend our salary on something else than shopping? Why do we need a guy to open the door for us and seat us in the restaurant?

Most women would say that these are details and that if we stop on stuff like these we will never change. I personally think that it's these details that will make things different. If we want the same rights, we should accept all the "inconveniences" that will come with it.

I do want to have the same rights as men but unfortunately, most women have made this impossible.


  1. Ok Nour, I've been reading your blog for a while, but this one gave me the urge to post a comment.
    Men and Women will NEVER be equal! They, the Men, have nothing better. On the other hand, we, the Women, are blessed with the ability to give birth and endure pregnancy and whatever challenges come with it, and after it for that matter. What can Men do that we cannot?
    In fact, it's only a question of RESPECT. Of course, some people from both genders don't deserve it, but generally speaking, once Men learn to respect Women, they will see that we are not different, mentally that is. Our only difference is physiological!!! and honestly, physiologically, We are MUCH better.

  2. Rana, first I think that what most women are talking about is rights. They say they want the same rights. We all know that physiologically we're different. I don't think that either men or women are better. I never base my judgement on people's gender.
    If today men don't respect women, it is basically women's fault.

  3. Well it's either that or Men think they're much superior to even give any respect to women. Women rights are the social/civil ones, that's what they ask for, mainly! i.e. political, economical ...
    For example, why aren't women allowed to vote or work or even drive in KSA?
    I told you, physiologically we are never equal, this is by God's law!!! and I appreciate it a lot.
    Mentally we, the Women, are as smart, we can be as educated if allowed (in some countries, it's not), we take care of our families and we contribute equally to our societies. Again, you have to look @ Women everywhere, and in every society.
    In Lebanon, we might have some of our rights, but not in every city or town.

  4. Well yeah but, again, I think that women are not that innocent in this story. They don't do enough effort in order to gain respect. They want it served on a silver tray.

  5. That is true!!! just like some Men.