Saturday, December 17, 2011

#SMCL, even more surprising than Kinder Surprise!

It was a last minute decision but I'm glad I took it. Due to boredom and to my BFF's nagging, I decided to go to this event even though I thought it was going to be a boring conference.

"Social Media Changing Life", this sounds like one of those very trendy topics, a new opportunity for people to talk about the Arab Spring! I have nothing against the Arab revolution, I actually think it's a huge step towards freedom. What annoys me is that people weirdly find a link to it in almost everything.

Anyway, when I headed to the auditorium where the event was happening, I wasn't expecting that much awesomeness. There's no word to describe how I felt during these 6 hours! But I can tell you that I was happy. I felt like all these people around me are actually smart and educated. They weren't shallow people who only care about what others will think about them. Even the organization of the event was surprising. Every speaker respected the time they had to talk, the subject, the comments of the audience, etc... It might sound stupid but I think that these people are one of Lebanon's source of hope.

So yes, during 6 hours I was an interested and calm young woman. No loud laughs, no silly jokes, no side conversations. All my attention was either caught by the speaker, or by the live-tweeting. But I have to admit that the most catchy part was the part about "personal blogging". A panel of five Lebanese bloggers were sharing their personal blogging experience. Two of my favorite bloggers were between them: Gino and Lana [Visit their blogs by clicking on their names].

Oh and my BFF Leen [a.k.a Lee, you might hear a lot about her here] is also back on track in blogging so don't forget to visit hers too [same method, click on her name to be directed to her blog].

That's all for now, bed is calling!


  1. Definitely it was a great inspiring conference! Social Media is changing lives :D

  2. Tank YOU, for forcing me to go :D

  3. Thank you for making the right decision then and thank you for the post! I'm glad that you enjoyed it :)

  4. Oh so interesting! I'm always captivated when attending such conferences! People are leaving politics, and revolutions aside, and actually putting together great gatherings of raw innovation and inspiration! I hope that's the new face of the Lebanese generations! Productive and promising!

    Hoping I'd catch you Nour on future events!
    Till then,


  5. Very interesting article. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Keep up the good work Nour :)