Friday, July 20, 2012

Spread the Hate.

I remember when I used to tell strangers how Lebanon is a nice country and how all the prejudices they had against us were absurd and completely untrue. No, we do not live in tents nor do we ride camels. And yes we do have water and electricity in our houses. We are the country of party and fun, the Ibiza of the Middle-East. And come on, we all at least once in our life bragged about how our weather is perfect and how "during the month of march, one can do some ski then 3 hours later swim in the sea".

I don't say any of that today. We might not live in tents but we can't afford buying an apartment! We might not ride camels but most of the people spend a huge part of their salary on fuel for their cars. And riding a camel is much more honorable than taking a "service". Electricity and water are just an old memory, a fantasy. We can party and act as if we didn't care, but does it make us better? Are we courageous or just irresponsible? Escaping reality won't get us anywhere near the "west".

Because we gotta admit it, our main purpose is to be called "the Europe of the Middle-East"; which isn't necessarily wrong. The problem is, we decided to imitate the "bad" aspect of Europe rather than choosing the "good" one. Europeans don't party all the time! I mean, I don't wanna be a religious extremist nor do I want to party everyday. Why isn't it possible? I don't wanna listen to "Haifa" nor do I want to support those wannabe-hipsterish bands such as "Mashrou3 Leila". Do I really need to choose?

And let's not talk about the shitty weather and the unbearable heat! I am not supposed to nag because I have a generator that can handle my AC so I'm gonna shut up... But when I go outside the house, I suffer a lot. It's worse than a sauna.

I do not believe that Lebanon is a nice place. Nothing about it is good. We do not have politics. We do not have a culture. We do not have laws. We do not have a "strategic position". We do not have natural wealth. We do not have a history. We simply have nothing and the only reason I don't leave this piece of land is because my family lives here.

We are not a country, we are a fucked up pseudo country!

So am I getting older or are things changing? The only thing I feel towards Lebanon today is disgust


  1. Okay so, you're criticism was spot on but here are some problems (in my humble opinion, don't turn all Lebanese on me eh :P) :

    1. Be more respectful even when you're ranting about something, it gives you both credibility and respect from your readers.

    2. I would avoid naming certain individuals or in this case bands/music if I don't like them, that would poorly reflect on you. Had you said " ...nor do I want to support those wannabe-hipsterish bands" that would have sufficed and let each go to his own place with that, because I can assure you, even if your article was damn awesome, people would still give you negative feedback because of that.

    3. Concerning your last paragraph:
    a)we have a culture, one of the richest in the middle east too. Don't believe me? Read about it.
    b) We have politics, we have nothing but politics here. We could all do with a little LESS politics if you ask me.
    c) We hold a KEY strategic place both geographically and militarily and that's probably why other countries keep fucking with us.
    d) We have natural wealth, it's just that no one's been bright enough to harness it yet. Case and point: The oil found right at our shores, and guess what ? The Israelis are already over that shit.
    e) We have history. You learn that at school.

    4. You took Europe as an example, let me ask you this, would any European citizen of any European nation speak ill of his country publicly over the internet? I mean sure everyone bitches about his/her country but very few HATE in such an obvious way... Where is your sense of nationalism ?

    Despite all the fucked up shit that's been going on here, I still love my country more than anything and that's why we keep nagging right? To IMPROVE our country. To live with dignity in OUR country.

    You speak the mind of the typical Lebanese individual and you have every right to, but in the end, you're still living in this "pseudo country", make the best you can out of it.

    Alas, we are born crying, live complaining, and die disappointed.

  2. First line: YOUR*
    for all you grammar Nazis.

  3. wow thnks nour, i couldnt agree more. But there is one thing i want to clarify for hasan.Nationalism? Haha u mean illusionalism, we have to admit that we are a pseudo country in order to transform it into a real country. negative feedback? Haha whatever. What do we have, we have nothing but ourselves and our history filled with pain, suffering, forgivness, and survival. We are a combination of a devastated people who have nowhere to go. What she was trying to convey is that our Country is an illusion a big fat lie, why? Well because just like she said, in order for this peace of land to be a country ot has to have a certain shape, it has to comply to the definition of a country, and without any doubt it dsnt.

  4. To Hasan with one S:

    Wow, that's a very interesting feedback! Loved the methodic way of answering, and I'm gonna use it to answer :]

    1. My blog is amateurish. I do not pretend that I'm a journalist. My ideas are biased and I do not seek any credibility. My only purpose is to speak my mind and share my thoughts with people, trying to give them my point of view about some stuff. I am not an activist and I don't want to change the world.

    2. When a blogger names a politician in his blog, you all go "Wow dude, I admire your courage". So why should it be different with the "local indie bands"?? Why is it ok to criticize Haifa and forbidden to criticize Mashrou3 Leila? Both are "local artists". And if people will give me negative feedback because I mentioned someone's name then they're welcome, I do not mind it.

    3. a] We lost our culture and the only things that remain from it are fading away. We try to pretend it's still there by making movies like "Caramel" or "Where do we go now?" but that's just fake. Those movies are clichés and they do not represent Lebanon. Nothing represent Lebanon, we lost our identity.

    b] The constant chaos we have in Lebanon is definitely not politics. One should vote for plans and projects, not for an individual.

    c] A politically strategic point is not a strategic point for citizens if it's unstable, corrupted and if you can't even buy yourself a house.

    d] We have oil? They say that every once in a while. We don't even have trees anymore dude.

    e] They teach Lebanese history at school? Weird, I never heard anything about the civil war in the classroom...

    4. Nationalism do not exist without a nation. Telling strangers to visit Lebanon because it's awesome and then immigrate? That's not nationalism, that's hypocrisy.

    I don't care if Lebanon improves or not. I just want to survive in it.

    I'm not trying to be a hipster but most Lebanese people or at least the young ones would tell you that they love Lebanon and that Gemmayzé is like Europe. They know by heart the list of American actors who have Lebanese origins and they are proud to be Lebanese.

    I am not really complaining, I'm just pointing things out ;]

    1. I like the way u smash people proving your point of view