Monday, May 13, 2013


Some shit I wrote the other day when I was bored. You might find it cheesy, I do.

"I say let's get high on cough syrup
Let's swim naked in the lake
Let's scream our lungs out and hear the echo of our voices
Let your skin touch mine as I shiver under the sun
Let the wind try to steal you from me and let the wind fail
I say let the people look at us and call us names!
Let us hide in each other’s stare, that stare we both trust
Let the exciting dreams take over this dull reality
Let us cry in the rain 
I say let me wrap my hands around your neck, choke you almost!
Let me get you close to death and scare the shit out of you
Then let me save you from death just at the right moment
Let your lips touch mine
Let me suck the death out of your mouth and let me spit it on the ground
Let's fuck in the middle of the forest"

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