Saturday, June 7, 2014

To The Sky

A lot of my friends think that I tend to be overly sophisticated and that I like fancy stuff, which I can't really deny. I grew up in a family that appreciates living a good life, and I've had the chance to go to nice places as a kid. Since my father is a wine connoisseur, I've spent my childhood's summers in French villages, eating at the very best restaurants. From my mother's side, I've also learned to appreciate good tastes and comfort. She herself still tells me how my grandfather used to take them to luxurious places, buy them the nicest clothes, and treat them like royalty although money was not always overflowing.

I came to realize that it's not really about money. Sure money is a factor and it helps in having a pleasant life, it is however not enough. What you really need is to cultivate a good taste. I for example hate stuff that are too "Bling Bling" such as clothes that are printed with brand logos, unjustifiably expensive restaurants, and other extravagant luxuries. I also despise snobbish people; your money does not make you a better person. To describe what I enjoy, I'd say that I prefer refined things, things with a story behind, rather than things that are just shiny, and I consider the cultural factor much more worthy than the material factor. In Beirut, it is unfortunately very rare to experience good food and drinks in a nice ambiance without feeling uncomfortable. However, I do stumble upon such places from time to time.

When I got my invitation to the #InstaTweetup at The Roof, Four Seasons Hotel's 26th floor open air lounge, I was very excited. First because I kind of missed gathering with Tweeps, people who I often interact with online, but rarely get to see offline, and second because I know how nice The Roof is. Picture this: perfect lounge music, delightful asian tapas, excellent drinks, great crowd, and a panoramic view on the Mediterranean sea. Que demande le peuple?

Here are some pictures my best-friend Leen took. You can check the rest of the pictures on her blog!

I'm in love with the pool!

Lovely company!

Yummy stuff, I tell you :]


  1. I like the honesty of this post :D And I Love our picture together!

    L, xo.