Monday, October 20, 2014

Dégustation at Crepaway.

Between work and swimming, I haven't been going out much for the past couple of weeks. I wake up every morning swearing to myself that I'll sleep early at night, but when I come back from work, there's too much on my mind. I always need to rest before sleeping, to recap my day, so I end up sleeping late. 

This tiring cycle is kind of confirming to me that I am a cat; a nocturnal creature that needs 18 hours of sleep a day, that enjoys cuddling and eating. Going out isn't so appealing to me, and I'd rather stay in, watch a movie, and drink coffee. 

But sometimes, there are outings you can't refuse. When I got the invite from Mario, I knew that I couldn't say no. Not only is he a really cool restaurateur whom I enjoy conversing with, but it was also a chance for me to feel like a Michelin inspector. Ok, I know it's Crepaway and not some étoilé restaurant, but still, it's nice to be invited to a dégustation ;]

So about this new menu, there's a lot to say. But since I'm still not an inspector, I'll just be sharing with you the three items which I believe are the stars of this new menu.


I'm a huge fan of basil; it's probably my favorite leaf. Pesto is usually served hot, something I'm a bit less fanatic of. This salad reconciles my love for pesto, and brings out the pasta lover in me.

The +s: The pine nuts. The simplicity. The portion.

I'd change: The lemony dressing kind of hides the pesto, I'd replace it with a light vinaigrette. Also, add some some fresh basil leaves.

So colorful :]


Some call it cuban, others call it mexican. The typical tex-mex burger... At Crepaway, they call it Tex, and it's really a good burger. With the competition they have in this booming burger market, they were able to catch my attention. There's something about the fresh avocado and that melting cheddar. 

The +s: The patty is thick enough and not overcooked. The avocado slices tame the spiciness.

I'd change: Too much jalapeño maybe? 



Apple crumble meets crêpe suzette. What else can I say?

The +s: Perfect sweet/salty balance.

I'd change: Nothing, honestly.


And as if good food wasn't enough, this outing was also the chance to see some folks I've missed. Look, Maurice was there!

Trynna' beat his beard ;]

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