Thursday, February 19, 2015

No More Fighting Over Chicks!

Something I've learned while working in advertising and F&B is the importance of consumer insights. If you're not into marketing, you might not realize their importance, but insights are basically the key behind the most successful campaigns.

Take for instance Oreo's legendary "Twist, lick, dunk". The reason such a campaign really works is simply that it is based on consumers' habits. Most of the people who eat Oreo tend to do the twist-lick-dunk, even before seeing the campaign.

McDonald's Arabia realized that their McNugget were usually ordered as a side, i.e., to be shared. They just posted a video on their Facebook page announcing the launch of a series of new games that would help solve the biggest crisis in the world: who gets to eat the last McNugget! Ok, I know it's not the biggest crisis in the world, but who hasn't ever fought over that last piece of crunchy goodness?? In my case, we usually end up cutting it in half and sharing it, or else there would've been blood ;] However, McDonald's came up with a more reasonable way to solve this problem, making the whole process much easier.

Go ahead, check it out by yourself!

You can find all the games on Vine. Just look up #ShareAMcNugget! [or click here if you're a lazy ass]

Better not chicken out in front of this challenge ;] that was lame, sorry

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