Monday, October 6, 2014

Feels Like A Sunday

Woohoo, a day-off! I've only been working for a few days and I'm loving it, but I cannot say that I'm not enjoying this extended weekend. And the fact that my friends are also off gives us an opportunity to hangout.  I'm a nocturnal creature; if I had the choice (which I don't), I'd sleep all day and work at night. The only thing that made me wake up on this day-off is brunch with Leen and India, at Urbanista. I am totally in love with this restaurant, mainly for its organic high-quality fresh ingredients but for its "intello" ambiance.

The 'Eggs Formula' is my fav choice! 

Brunch was of course followed by a stroll in Gemmayzé before going back home and watching series in bed. I am currently hooked on Fringe, a series which my mom encouraged me to watch and I really recommend it, but it's almost done so I try to take breaks for it to last longer. I really hate it when series end...

Voilà :]

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