Monday, January 26, 2015

Hold On, We're Staying Home

And then you wonder why, in Lebanon, disabled people stay home...

Ok so this is official: the only wheelchair-freiendly cab company in Lebanon, London Taxi, is shutting down

The reason? Hahaha

Well, the official version is that the company isn't making enough money.

But when I asked for the real reason: 
"People don't like taking London Taxi anymore because all our cars are for disabled people. You know how Lebanese people are snobbish. We have 20 clients but they're all disabled. And disabled people can't go on long rides, for health reasons. So we have to close."

My thoughts:

  • This is fucking disgusting
  • Is this even serious???
  • What the hell am I going to do if I want to come back home at 2 AM?
  • OMG I'm screwed
  • I'm soooo moving to another country
  • I need to do something OMG
  • But hahaha how retarded is this?

The real sad part is that no one realizes how worried I am, how much this is crucial for me… I have the luxury of having a private driver during normal working hours, but I can't expect him to work 24/7. I need my "autonomy" and this is only going to make me more and more dependent.

I still know what to do… 

Any cab company interested in winning 20+ new loyal customers? #JustSaying

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