Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Best doctor in town!

Dr. Martens and me, a love story! This popular pair of boots has been following me since the age of 5. Today I own 3 pairs that I wear during all the seasons.
5 years old, first pair!

9 years old, made me look innocent.
12 years old, made me look like a rebellious teenager.

16 years old, I still wear them often.
They look awesome with navy, grey or
black skinny jeans.

Those belong to my Sister but she stopped wearing
them. I think they are my favorite. I love to wear
them with a light grey dress and black tights. 

Little history lesson:

They were designed in 1946 by Klaus Märtens with the help of his friend Herbert Funck who was an engineer. This shoe allowed Martens to move more easily, after a skiing accident.

In the 1960s, that Dr. Martens started to be sold. But they were only used by workers and factory men.

It wasn't before the beginnings of the punk era in the 1970s that wearing Docs became a cultural statement. I'd rather actually call it an anti-fashion statement!

This is when the company started diversifying their products but of course without loosing their signature.

Almost every pair produced today still have the distinctive two-tone sole and the yellow stitching on top. That's how we all recognise Docs so quickly!


The "worn" collection. I bought the green pair last summer.

Total black look. Very classy with a touch of originality.


Awesome color for guys, specially with these navy skinny jeans.

"Eternal teenager"

Vintage skater look? 

Urban elegant look.

Studded, only for the real badass!
Dr. Martens uniting lovers ;]


With shredded stockings for a rebellious junkie look.

"The dandy"
Flowered hipsterish Docs

The pastel collection, in case you don't assume the badass look or if you 
want a Lolita look.

"The rockish student"


  1. I LOOOOOOVE dr martens... I believe it completes a unique style which is very in this season ! Nice article Nouuu<3

  2. I remember when they used to force us to wear "closed toe, black or navy shoes" for school, and everyone would wear Dr. Martins. That's why I kinda used to hate them, although I loved the grunge look, they just reminded me of the horrible school uniforms.
    But I'm really digging them now, especially with all the different styles, but the classic black is the best :)

    Ps. the 9 year old mary jane pair are SO adorable!

  3. Do you know the name of the Docs in the 4th pic??? I cant find them anywhere!