Friday, December 23, 2011

Just Like Heaven

I was going through some photos I collected from several blogs and I couldn't but say to myself that I wish I was an architect. Then I remembered how low were my physics' grades in high school and I smiled. School does determine your future! Anyway, I can still dream about this dream house.

This obsession about houses started when I was 12. I used to watch french reality TV shows and I discovered what a loft is. Basically, a loft is a large adaptable open space converted for a residential use. What attracted me in this kind of habitation is essentially its clarity and its luminosity. I wouldn't call myself a claustrophobic but I find it hard to live in a closed dark place.

But hey, lofts are also about design. If you don't put nice furniture, lofts can easily turn into a huge disaster. Harmony between the different spaces is mandatory because of the absence of separating walls.

Here are some pictures that illustrate my image of the ideal loft. 

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  1. i feel exactly like you. ineed to live in wide and bright spaces, walls of glass, surrounded by an infinite view of wild nature.