Thursday, August 29, 2013

Post-Summer Blog Post.

Summer, oh summer... Not my favorite season yet it's the season of vacation so I cannot but like it. I mean as long as I'm a student, this period is the only time I can relax a bit and not worry about exams & co. This summer is in particular one of the greatest; it started by my two-month internship and ended with my trip to Paris.

What's great about internships is that they are way to introduce you to the business world so that you don't feel clueless at your first job when you graduate.  To graduate from AUB with a BS in Agribusiness, students need to complete a two-month internship in a company/organization related to the major. I knew what I wanted: marketing in the food industry. I had on my mind some companies and ended up selected by one of the top FMCG distributor in the region. However, interning in marketing and sales in that company was not possible as I would need to go on the field and that not very feasible with my wheelchair. Instead, I was working with the HR and Communication department. Honestly, those two months passed very quickly. I learned a lot about the industry, but I learned even more about myself.

August was also pretty special. Traveled to Paris as usual but this time my best-friend Leen was with me and we attended a music festival for the first time: Rock En Seine! Apart from hosting my favorite band, this three-day festival was perfect for us as the line up combined artists that suit us both. Indeed, I was able to watch bands such as Franz Ferdinand, Skip The Use, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Nine Inch Nails (YES, YES!! TRENT REZNOR'S LEGENDARY BAND), and Leen was  able to enjoy Daughter, Kendrick Lamar, and Mac Miller. As a first festival experience, I admit that we did pretty good. There was a lot more to see, but we didn't want to stress ourselves whatsoever. The festival was very well organized, the venue was perfect, and the people were there for the right reason: their passion for music.

Vacations are almost over now, I have to go back to uni-life but I'm trying to be positive. In less than a year, I will hopefully be graduating! This means that it's time to update my CV (which I'm already working on) and hunt for a job. I am happy to be done with studying (for now) but I cannot hide that I am intimidated by the idea of having a payed job. One of my major weaknesses is the fear of not being up to the tasks I'm given, but thankfully till now I have successfully used this weakness as a motivation to do the best I can.

I am glad that fall is approaching because this means that the weather is going to get a bit less hellish. I hope we won't have to wait till December to see the first drop of rain... Till then, my room is a fridge cooled by the noisy AC which is muted by the loud music.

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