Sunday, November 10, 2013


While scrolling down my news feed on Facebook, I stumble upon this article my friend shared called "Food That Should Not Exists". So I click on the link, go through the list and wonder which foods I really hate. First thing that comes to my mind is broccoli... I would NEVER eat broccoli! Even if this means starving to death on a broccoli island. Then I start wondering which foods would I want to have if I had to choose only 13 to take with me to an island (let's call it Paradise island). Why 13? I don't know, but 10 is too little and 20 is too much... 

So yeah, 13 foods and drinks to take with me to "Paradise island":

1. Orange Juice:
Freshly squeezed, filtered and with ice of course! When I was a kid, we never had sodas home. It was orange juice everyday and I think I'm just in love with its taste :]

2. Guacamole:
Well you know, the queen of Guacamoland gotta have her guacamole ;]

3. Hummus:
I have valid reasons to believe that hummus is the oriental version of guacamole and if you're interested we can discuss that around a cup of orange juice.

4. Missing Item

5. Mimolette:

6. Nature Valley Oat Bars:
Any flavor except peanut butter... I don't get how people actually like peanut butter :/

7. Salmon Sashimi:
Raw, fresh, and thickly sliced salmon filets. Whit soya sauce and wasabi of course. When I was 14, I once ate 18 pieces of salmon sashimi and it was very close to heaven.

8. Poulain Dark Chocolate:
That's my midnight snack.

9. Bonne Maman Strawberry Jam:
Strawberry jam WITHOUT butter nor bread. A spoon is enough :]

10. Evian Water:
Let it be cold, very cold.

11. Honey Mustard:
Can be eaten with a spoon too!

12. Almond-filled Croissant:
French awesomeness, at its best.

13. Vegetable Tempura:
Asian people found the best tasting way of cooking veggies. This food is sent from another galaxy.

Now it's your turn to share with me some of your favorite foods by posting a comment :]


  1. Hahahhaa Love the caption you added for the Hummus ;p
    WELL, we can start with these for now:
    1. Chinese food
    2. Coffee
    3. Nutella
    4. Jack
    5. Loubye b zet (Don't ask why I am just hungry and feel like it)

    L, xo.

  2. Guurll, you made me hungry :'(