Thursday, December 12, 2013


I woke up yesterday morning to a tweet from my bro saying that I'm 70% water and 30% Internet. I couldn't agree more! It's crazy how much time I can spend on my MacBook's and iPhone's screens. It's like I can actually travel the world in a second... 

I have this habit of saving useless photos on my laptop and every once in a while, I sort the ones I want to keep into files and I delete the rest. The photos I'm sharing with you in this post are from a file called "things to print on Tees", a self-explanatory title :]

Because drummers are so underrated!

My motto in life

I use this sentence 4 to 5 times per second

Only Arctic Monkeys' fans will get it

Epic.. just EPIC!

Well at lest you're wishing them a nice day!

My fav! 

There's a million other thing to print on a Tee! What would you choose?


  1. Pardon My French.

    Welcome to the Dark Side.

    Forever Young.

    Don't fox with me.

    And my personal favorite from Forever 21, "Perfection is Overrated" (